Faith in Our Future for the Future of Our Faith—Project 2020

After 90 years in existence, the church building is in dire need of major repairs and renovation to support our community’s growth for years to come. We must address these critical building issues if St. Nicholas is to remain the spiritual, cultural, and community home that our predecessors built it to be.  

Project 2020 will focus on a renovation of the narthex. As the first in a series of building projects, Project 2020 represents a deliberate turn toward growth, with faith in our future for the future of our faith. 

The narthex holds a special spiritual significance in the architecture of the church. Each time we enter the church, the narthex marks our transition out of the world and into the Kingdom of God present on this earth. Not only will the narthex renovation address our most critical building need, but it is a key pivot to growth. Just as the narthex is the entry point into the church, so also is the narthex renovation an entry point to a long-term effort of improving our church home. 

The narthex renovation includes the Yakima Street entrance, narthex area, Fr. Seraphim’s office, and the points where the narthex attaches to the rest of the church building. To move forward, $650,000 must be raised by September 2019 so that construction can be completed between Pascha 2020 and Festival 2020.

Faith in Our Future for the Future of Our Faith—Materials

For more information about Faith in Our Future for the Future of Our Faith, please review this informational booklet

To contribute to Faith in Our Future for the Future of Our Faith, please complete and return this pledge card. 

Completed pledge cards may be returned by hand to a member of the Project 2020 Steering Committee or by mail:

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
1523 S Yakima Ave
Tacoma, WA 98405

Project 2020 Steering Committee Members

Fr. Seraphim Majmudar, Parish Priest (

Andrew Primis, Parish Council President (

Bill Acker

Christina Leinneweber

Fenia Mavromichali

Rebecca Primis

Dr. Nicholas Themelis 

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